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Sweet & Sour Snack Box!
A great mix of crave crushing sweets and mouthwatering sour snacks! Whether you're in the mood for a sugary sweet candy treat or a lip-puckering sour tasting snack, this box was created for you! (or a friend)... the perfect gift for a close friend or someone long distance across the country. Everyone loves a little bit of sweet with a little bit of sour.


Our pre-packaged delicious snack packages include fresh snacks and ship out easily to your loved one. Save time, money, and the hassle of going to the grocery store by sending an affordable package Sent With Care.


All items are individually wrapped & packaged.
*Please note exact flavors/variety & list of items may differ depending on availability.
**Snack items may contain nuts and other allergy related ingredients. The customer & consumer is responsible for reading the item's nutrition labels and ingredient lists prior to consuming the food items in our packages. Sent With Care and all its' owners & employees is not responsible for adverse reactions after consuming or receiving food included in this listing.

Sweet and Sour Snack Box

PriceFrom $26.99
  • Sweet & Sour Package contents include:
    🍪 Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
    🍪 Lorna Doon Cookies
    🍪 Oreos
    🍪 Chewy Chocolate Dipped Granola Bar
    🍪 Annie's Gummy Bunnies
    🍪 Rice Krispie Treats
    🍪 M&Ms
    🍪 Swedish Fish (x2)
    🍪 Skittles/Starburst (x4)
    🍪 Airheads (x2)
    🍪Peppermint Patty (x2)

    🍋 Pringles Sour Cream & Onion
    🍋 Airheads Extreme
    🍋 Skittles Sour
    🍋 Sour Patch Kids
    🍋 Ring Pop Sour
    🍋 Sour Punch Twists (x3)
    🍋 Sour Gumballs (x5)

  • No Notecard

    • Your box will not include a personlized notecard or message.

    Standard Notecard

    • Your box will include a standard 4x6 cardstock notecard with your custom message & a full color clip art image.

    Birthday Card

    • Your box will include a birthday card & envelope pictured in the listing. The birthday card will have your custom message handwritten on the interior section of the card. 
    • If you do not include a custom message, a blank birthday card & envelope will be included in the box.
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