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Groupon Redemption

Thank you for purchasing your snackbox subscription from our Groupon store. We hope you are excited to send your next snackbox care package with us!

Image by Sticker Mule


Step 1: Acquire Your Discount Code

To acquire your discount code, you must send an email to that includes your Groupon Voucher code, as well as your name. Our support team will reply to your email with your personal discount code that will be used to redeem your snack box.

Step 2: Create Your Account

To activate your Groupon subscription, you need to create an account on our website. 

To create an account, click on the "Select Size" button at the bottom of this page (select the box size you purchased on Groupon). This will bring you to a Checkout page. Click the "Sign Up" button to become a member and create your account. 

Step 3: Use Your Discount Code

When you reach this step, you will need to wait until you have received your discount code from our email support team. Once you have received your discount code, enter the code into the "Coupon Code" box to apply your Groupon discount.

Step 4: Shipping

After adding your discount code, you will need to pay the flat fee of $11.00 for shipping. 

After you complete your shipping, you must do the following:

You must confirm the shipping address for your snackbox. 
To confirm your shipping address, you must email

and include the following information:

  • Person's Name

  • Street Address (plus unit/apartment numbers if applicable)

  • City, State, Zip Code

Enjoy Your Snack Box! :)

By purchasing a subscription box, you agree to our Store Policy and Subscription Policy terms.

  • Medium Snack Box

    Every month
    Medium Box: $25.95 + $11.00 Shipping
  • Large Snack Box

    Every month
    Large Box: $39.95 + $11.00 Shipping
  • XL Snack Box

    Every month
    XL Box: $65.95 + $11.00 Shipping
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